Our Mission: Who we are
helping people find and follow jesus 

Our mission is our identity. It's who we are, and everything we do should fall underneath. From paying the rent to praying for people, if what we are doing isn't helping people find and follow Jesus, we don't want to be doing it.



Our Vision: where we're going
Downriver Church exists to help people realize their need for Jesus, motivate people to respond to the call of Christ in their lives, and to bring restoration to our community by investing in relationships that matter.

Our vision is the path we plan to take to accomplish the mission. We want people to get to know Jesus by acklowledging him in their lives, and by responding to him as they see restoration happen.



Our Values: How we are going to get there

Our core values are the vehicle we plan to drive toward the vision to accomplish our mission. The identity of every church is defined by what they do, and these are what we want to do to demonstrate the love of Jesus in the Downriver and Audubon neighborhoods, as well as across the city and around the world.


We are followers of Jesus

John 16:16-33, Jesus is our representative to the Father.

Psalm 29:2, 1 Chronicles 16:23-25,  Jesus is holy, and worthy of worship.

2 Chronicles 20:17, Jesus has already won the battle.

Acts 2:22-24, 38-39, Jesus conquered death so that we can be restored through forgiveness.



We are Authentic

Genesis 1:27, We were made in the image of God, to reflect His holiness to the world.

Romans 3:23-26, Our sin separates us, and makes us equally in need of God's grace.

Matthew 6:5-8, Luke 20:46-47, Jesus hates hypocrisy.

Matthew 7:18-20, Authentic, Godly service bears fruit.

Colossians 3:17, Our motivation should be Christ, in all things.



We are Servants

Romans 12:9-21, Serving others is the ultimate act of love.

Acts 20:35, We should work hard to be both a blessing and an example to others as we serve.

Joshua 1:9, We should be bold as God leads us into service.

1 Peter 4:8-10, We should love others, which manifests itself as service toward others.

Philippians 2:3-4, We should serve others out of humility, for their benefit.

Proverbs 14:23, Talk is cheap–our hard work serving others is valuable.



We are a Community

Eph 4:11-16, We each have an important part to play in God’s plan.

Matthew 18:19-20, We should gather, because when we do God is there.

Romans 12:3-8, Body parts are only useful when they are attached to a body.

Heb 10:24-25, We gather together to be an encouragement to one another.

Psalm 133:1, Community is pleasing to God.

Romans 12:2, We are transformed as we learn about God together.