Our Story

How do you tell the story of a church? It's not as simple as it sounds.

Sure, there are dates and numbers, and events that can be recounted and reported. Downriver Church began meeting in September of 2016. Downriver was launched because of the faithful and courageous efforts of the leadership of Timberview Church in Mead, WA, as a way to give one of the areas of Spokane with the statistically lowest concentration of Christian churches a new option, that might inspire people in that area to begin a relationship with Jesus and his people because of the new presence. Downriver Church has a mission and a vision, and set of core values that have been carefully crafted specifically for the people of the Audubon and Downriver communities of north Spokane. But are those really the beginnings of the story?

We believe that God planned to do this work from the beginning by instilling a desire in Pastor Pete and his family, along with the initial team who banded together to learn about how to plant a church, and in partnership with those church goers and leaders who would join later to make Downriver their home. For many of these people they committed to give more and to sacrifice more, and to work more to see the vision of Downriver Church become a reality.

The story of Downriver Church and the people who call Downriver their home can probably best be summarized by our motto: "We believe that God is who he says he is, and that he's going to do the things he says he's going to do." We are just regular people who want to more deeply pursue an immeasurably great God, together.

If you'd like to learn more about Downriver Church, we'd invite you to check out our staff page or read about our core values, visit our iTunes podcast or listen to some of our messages online–specifically our January messages about leadership, and join us on Sunday morning to see what we are all about. 

Because the story of Downriver Church is one that is always changing and growing, and there's room in the pages of our story for you!