What Did You Expect?

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Series: Arrival

Title: What Did You Expect?

Scripture: Deut 18:15-20, Mt 21:10-11 (Messiah as prophet)

Heb 9:11-15 (Jesus as Priest)

2 Sam 7:12-14 (Jesus as King)

Big Idea: What do you expect of Jesus, our Messiah? Do you expect him to be a ragamuffin prophet, wandering through the wilderness? An uptight priest, judging all of those for whom he offers sacrifice? A heavy-handed king, ruling with fear and power? The truth is, Jesus is all three and more, in the most perfect of ways. Jesus doesn’t fit into a nice little box that we can always fully comprehend; but we must not make the mistake of setting our expectations of what he is able to do too low simply because we don’t understand. After all, God used the birth of a child at Christmas to begin our redemption story, and his love is capable of even more than we could imagine. Let’s expect the unexpected through God’s gift of grace.

Pete Kopplin