House Rules - Part 1


Series: Ephesians - One Big Happy Family

Title: House Rules - Part 1

Scripture: Ephesians 4:17-32

Big Idea: Growing up, we all had rules. You probably had a set of "house rules" that were different from the rules your friends had to follow. Maybe their rules were more strict, or maybe they were more lenient, but we all knew that their were consequences for not following the rules. The rules of religion are similar, outside of Christianity, because they are all designed to make us into someone good. Thanks to the grace of God offered through Jesus, we know that the "house rules" we follow as Christians don’t make us good–only God is good, and only through him can we do any good at all. What we accomplish by following God’s rules as a response to his grace is that we bring the goodness of God’s grace into view for others as we serve, and he provides for us as well as we follow him and his house rules.

Pete Kopplin