We’re All God’s Children

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Series: The Bible Doesn’t Say That

Title: We’re All God’s Children

Scripture: Col 1:16-17, John 1:12-13, 1 John 3:1-3, Rom 8:14-17

Big Idea: We all want to belong to something, because there is power and comfort in belonging. For people who believe that God created everything, it’s easy to believe that we belong to the creator–and we do; but the Bible is pretty clear that authority and ownership doesn’t necessarily equate to adoption. God is the owner and will be the authority for all things, but to be a child of God means that we accept him as our Father, and let our life look like the one he wants for us to live. God’s children do the things that their Father says to do, and if we aren’t living the way the Father wants us to live, we are rejecting the gift of adoption into the family of God.

Pete Kopplin