Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

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Series: The Bible Doesn’t Say That

Title: Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

Scripture: Rom 7:14-20, Gen 3:5-7, Mk 7:17-23, Ro 2:11-16

Big Idea: Truth is like the temperature. It is objective, absolute, and even if you don’t like what the thermometer says, it doesn’t change the weather. Our conscience is more like a thermostat–we are allowed to affect the temperature in a specific place, in a specific way, to temporarily replace the objective temperature with one that is more to our liking. Our conscience doesn’t create the temperature, it just interprets it and allows you to adjust based on how you feel, which gives it the possibility of being a very bad guide, depending on where you have set it. Our conscience tells us when we are violating our own standards, not God’s. We need to work to be comfortable to align the thermostat of our conscience with God’s thermometer of right and wrong.

Pete Kopplin