To Be Honest

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Series: Arrival

Title: To Be Honest

Scripture: Matthew 1:1-17

Big Idea: Genealogies are boring. But the genealogy in Matthew is the first thing he writes about, before the wise men, before the shepherds, before the star and the gifts and the manger. That means it must be terribly important. Matthew–along with Luke in his own account–lays out a legal, biological, historical claim that Jesus is who he says he is, which frames everything we know about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus; and it helps us see that these stories are so much more than myths and legends… they are true! Jesus’ birth ushered in the gift of grace, and regardless of where you have come from or what you have done, God’s grace is for you, and God wants nothing more than to write you into his family tree as one of his children.

Pete Kopplin