Groups and gatherings

We have a number of groups that gather weekly, biweekly and monthly with the purpose of growing our relationships and increasing our faith in Jesus. 

But what we have listed below isn't all we do. Would you like to get together with other Downriver Church people to go for a run, or learn how to prepare meals for your growing family, or to talk about theological and spiritual things? Great! Just ask someone to join you when you do those things. We are all about doing things we like to do together. And if you don't know how to ask, let us know and we can help. The community of Christians is made up of all kinds of people, from all walks of life, who like to do all sorts of things. We are certain there's a place for you here in the community of people who call Downriver their church home. 


Community Groups

Community groups are groups of 8-16 people who gather weekly to learn more about Jesus together. Meetings usually last about 90 minutes, and take place in a host home. These groups reset quarterly. Popular topics of study include: books of the Bible, family, marriage, finances, spiritual growth.


Ages, Stages, and affinity groups

These groups are for everyone. Student and young adult ministries, groups for moms of preschoolers, men's and women's events, worship team, and whatever other things we do because of who we are and how we want to experience God. Some of these groups gather to serve, and some just share hobbies together.


Missional Partnerships

Our missional partnerships are the main way we serve our community. Organizations like Bite 2 Go through Second Harvest, and Transitions, a transitional living facility for women, are some of our primary partners. We also serve through Big Table, Project 619, and a number of other Spokane-based non-profits.