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Helping people find and follow Jesus

Realize. Respond. Restore.

Realizing our need for Jesus, responding to his call, and restoring communities by investing in relationships that matter.



Whether you are just beginning to learn about who Jesus is and why so many people today and throughout history think he's so important, or you are continuing to grow in a decades-old faith, we believe that there's a place for you to learn and to grow at Downriver Church.

Our motto at Downriver Church is "We believe that God is who he says he is, and that he's going to do the things he says he's going to do," and we believe he wants to do some of those pretty amazing things through you. We look forward to meeting and worshiping with you on Sundays at 10am at Finch Elementary, located just above Audubon Park.

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Let's Get Together!

Downriver Church meets for worship at 10am Sundays at Finch Elementary, but that's not the only time we gather. We have formal small groups, men's and women's ministries, meet ups for moms of preschoolers, and a variety of other events depending on the time of year.

And the list is growing. Our youth ministry Refuge launched this fall, and we are looking to add a young adult group in January. We are always looking at ways to improve our effectiveness and our reach as we try to bring the message of Jesus to people in our neighborhood. 

If you'd like to take part in any of these things, or maybe you are ready to step into leadership but just need a little coaching, we want to hear about it. Email us, or grab anyone in a Downriver Church shirt or lanyard on Sunday morning and ask who you need to talk to to find out more about how to get involved!